IIT Main Building to Become Apartments

A year after we first told you about plans from a Cleveland developer to turn the Main Building at Illinois Institute of Technology into housing, the official announcement has been made.

The IIT Main Building (Courtesy of Artefaqs architecture photography)

The IIT Main Building (Courtesy of Artefaqs architecture photography)

“We are thrilled that Main Building will be renovated in a way that contributes to our community as well as the vibrancy of our campus life,” said Illinois Tech President Alan W. Cramb. “This project will honor the architectural legacy of Main Building while providing unique housing options for our students, young professionals, and others who want to live near our historic campus in Bronzeville only minutes from downtown.”

When we reported on this last February, the renovation was being designed by Pappageorge Haymes for MCM Company and included 81 units.  Now MCM has been joined by Washington Park Development Group to form Armour Institute, LLC. That’s the organization that IIT sold the Main building to.

The new plan calls for 102 apartments and micro apartments, plus a roof deck, bicycle storage and other basic services. At the same time, the new owners pledge to restore the building’s facade, stained glass windows, and other architectural details.

from Chicago Architecture http://www.chicagoarchitecture.org/2017/01/31/iit-main-building-to-become-apartments/


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