What 300 North Michigan May Look Like

Just ten days after the Chicago Tribune reported that a tower plan was in the works for the empty mixed-use building at the corner of North Michigan Avenue and East Wacker Place, a bell rang as someone dropped a set of potential renderings in our Tip Line.

Rendering of 300 North Michigan

Possible rendering of 300 North Michigan

The Tip Line jingles surprisingly regularly with renderings claiming to be this unbuilt skyscraper, or that unannounced condo block.  For the most part they’re student projects, or the wishful thinking of people who just discovered Google Sketch.

But this group looks exceptionally professional, and came with some insider details that make us believe that there’s a 90% chance they’re the real thing.  Which is 80% more than most web sites needs to publish a rendering.

To recap, 300 North Michigan (not an official name, but we gotta call it something) is local developer Sterling Bay’s first attempt at a C.B.D. skyscraper.  According to the Tribune, Sterling’s teamed up with Magellan Development to turn the dead former Walgreens building on the northwest corner of Michigan and Wacker Place into something along the lines of MiLa, the bKL-designed skyscraper that recently went up on a nearly identical parcel a block away.

Which is interesting, because this building looks very much like MiLa, and very much like a bKL design.  We’ll have to wait for an official announcement on that, though.  As a policy, bKL likes all announcements to go through the developer.  Getting it to give up the goods falls into the “cold, dead hands” category.  When the guys upstairs at Magellan are ready to spill the beans, we’ll let you know.  Or, more accurately, they’ll tell Crain’s Chicago Business and everyone else will follow.

Rendering of 300 North Michigan
Rendering of 300 North Michigan
Rendering of 300 North Michigan


from Chicago Architecture https://www.chicagoarchitecture.org/2017/05/15/what-300-north-michigan-may-look-like/


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